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Meet The Family!

IMG_0365 2.HEIC

Sukhi (co-owner) in top left with his daughter Mira (front desk and social media). These two are the "fun team" in the family and come up with fun pizza ideas like the heart shape pizza!


Kulvir co-owns Pizza Factory Steveston with Sukhi, her husband! She is the heart of the business and is what keeps this place running smoothly. You'll find her making pizzas and always serving them with a smile.


Bachittar helps around the shop, cutting veggies, making boxes and most importantly, giving us laughs and guidance. He is Sukhi's dad and the grandpa to Mira and Bhavin.


Bhavin is Sukhi and Kulvir's oldest kid and known as the bodybuilder of the house: he does all of the heavy lifting and construction! He is Pizza Factory Steveston's own "friendly giant".

Customer Appreciation Day

Every spring we host a "free slice of pizza day" where anyone can drop by and enjoy one of the many cool pizzas we have to offer. We do this not only so you all can test out pizzas you've been dying to try; but also, to extend our gratitude to the hard-working members of our community: parents, shopkeepers, teachers, fishermen and more! Your support means the world to our family, which is why we will continue to give back <3


Community Involvement

At Pizza Factory Steveston, we are deeply dedicated to actively supporting our vibrant community. As an integral part of our local community, we actively sponsor our local events each year, benefiting schools and non-profit organizations. Additionally, we wholeheartedly contribute to various charities such as the women's shelter and food bankOur unparalleled commitment to actively engage and support our local community sets us apart, and we are honored to be an integral part of its fabric.


Our Hit Colouring Contest for All Ages

There's no age limit on creativity, which is why our colouring contest is open to all age groups! We offer the enticing prize of a FREE large pizza of the winner's choice in exchange for your best artwork. To make things fair, we have created age groups - so everyone has an ewual change of winning. Colouring pages are available in store!

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